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I am Co-owner, ICT-Manager and Financial Manager of Student in Opdracht (Student on Assignment). I started this company together with 3 other students as a part of our Minor (Media Entrepreneurship) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science.

Student in Opdracht connects students to businesses. Businesses can place orders on our website, that can be executed by creative and motivated students.  Students can gain relevant work experience, build a good resume and network without being tied to a permanent contract.

Does your company need a new website? A Multimedia Design student can build one for you. Online Marketing Advice? Student in Opdracht will find a Motivated Media and Marketing student. Do you have any assignments that deal with content, design, advice, research etc. Please check our website!

Martijn van der Wijck | CMD Bachelor Student
Born in The Netherlands, 1993

An athletic young man with interests in: football, fitness, financial trading, psychology, aircraft, traveling, new technologies, gaming, and much more.

During my Bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design, I am working parttime as a sales assistent in a supermarket and I am also Co-owner, Financial Manager and ICT-Manager of Student in Opdracht.

Secondary School
In the 2010/2011 school year, I graduated secondary school with my HAVO Diploma (GCSE) Natuur & Gezondheid vakkenpakket + Natuurkunde & Frans (Science & Health Curriculum + Physics & French) at the Don Bosco College in Volendam.

Aviation Studies
After receiving my HAVO Diploma, I started a Bachelor Aviation Studies, where I gained a lot of useful experience. Unfortunately I quit the Bachelor after the first school year due to the level of difficulty of this study.

Reorientation Course
After I quit my Bachelor, I took a reorientation course at the University, where I got interested in the Bachelors; Applied Psychology and Communication & Multimedia Design.

Communication & Multimedia Design
In the 2012/2013 school year I started the Bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (HvA)

The first year of the Bachelor showed many sides of the field of study; researching, programming, designing, visual designing, user centred designing etc.

At the moment I control the base of almost every subject in the field, but I excel in field research, usability testing, (online) marketing, advising, project management, UX Design and content management.

These are also the kind of courses I chose in my second and third year.

In my third year I started the Minor Media Entrepreneurship. During this Minor I started an intermediary company with three other students called Student in Opdracht (Student on assignment), where we put students and businesses together for study related work. In addition to that I had a course in Nima B – Strategic and Operational Marketing Planning.

In my final year of the Bachelor I want to focus on user experience design, project management and online marketing. After that I am considering to enrol myself in a Master’s degree programme.

My Skills.

Copy & Content
Front End Development
Information Architecture
(online) Marketing
Project Management
Usability Testing
User Experience Design
Visual Design